Terms & Conditions


Fifty One Percent Ltd - Trading Terms

"The Seller" means Fifty One Percent Ltd.
"The Buyer" means the person, partnership, firm or company which places the order with the seller.
"The goods" means the article, products or items described in the order.
"The Order" means the order placed by the buyer for the supply of the goods.
Fifty One Percent Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time without notice to you and the changes will take place on the day they are posted. Any such changes will be posted on our website. When an order is placed with Fifty One Percent the Buyer is agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Fifty One Percent Ltd is a trade only supplier (Seller) and requires evidence of business trading before supplying any potential Buyer. The Buyer must provide documentary proof where required (i.e.Vat Certificate, Business invoices, etc.), as well as a fully completed Fifty One Percent Ltd trade application form, which can be found on our website www.fiftyonepercent.co.uk or can be requested by emailing trade@fiftyonepercent.co.uk
The Seller reserves the right to reject any application they feel is not ‘bona fide’ trade or which does not suit or represent brand or product criteria to the brand or product specification.
The Seller reserves the right to cancel trade accounts without notice.
The Seller reserves the right to change prices without notice.
All Items sold are intended for domestic use only. We do not accept any responsibility if used for contract or commercial purposes.

When an order is placed with Fifty One Percent Ltd the stock will be allocated to you where possible and held for a maximum of 5 days. Orders placed for items that are out of stock may be kept on record on your Fifty One Percent Ltd trade account, and the items may then be ordered in for you. Pre-orders may be placed for items not yet available and orders for this will be treated as a firm order. Back orders may be kept at the discretion of the Seller and a carriage charge of £10 will be added to these unless otherwise agreed.

Fifty One Percent has the right to offer exclusivity of a brand or range of products to the buyer after agreeing with the buyer the territory area and terms of exclusivity. The Seller’s standard terms of exclusivity to the buyer includes a quarterly sales order value of £1000 + VAT and/or an annual calendar year sales order turnover value of £4000 +VAT. If the value of quarterly sales drops below £1000 +VAT the Seller reserves the right to remove exclusivity from the Buyer. The Seller will contact The Buyer before taking on a new account in the same area. Accounts opened and not used will be deemed as dormant and exclusivity may not be held.

When ordering stock relating to the Nordal brand, stock cannot be reserved for this range and so orders should be confirmed as soon as possible or paid for to secure the stock. For stock ordered that is not yet available, this may require a pre-payment, even if a credit account is active, to reserve the stock. Please note Nordal is a Danish company and follows the European product standards for quality control and safety. Items containing filled upholstery, such as seated furniture do not meet UK fire retardant regulations.

Minimum order value for Nordal is £800 (pre VAT) carriage paid. If you were to order an item with at least one dimension of 1.8m or more, there will be a carriage charge of £50 to cover the XL pallet and the extra transport charges. All orders will incur a documentation fee of £85, this covers your export declaration and customs clearance charges and will be charged at the point of ordering. Your order may be liable for further duty charges, this will depend on the category of items you order, and any charges will be invoiced as soon as the courier has advised us of them. Please be aware that this has been known to take months but will still be relevant and payment must be made as soon as the invoice is received.
It is the buyer’s responsibility to be available to take delivery within working hours. If delivery cannot be made there will be an £85 redelivery charge. All charges will incur VAT where applicable. Pricing is reviewed regularly and may change without notice if your order is not secured. All other terms including returns, damages and credit terms are as per our standard terms and conditions.

All new Buyers are required to pay their first three orders on a pro-forma basis by either cash, debit/credit card, cheque, PayPal or bankers draft, unless prior arrangement has been agreed with the Seller. Following this a credit application form may be requested by the Buyer for a 30 day account. All accounts will be credit checked by a third party insurer and references given by the customer will be followed up. In the event of a returned payment, future transactions may be conducted on a proforma basis only and any charges will be passed on to the customer. Fifty One Percent Ltd may reduce or retract a credit limit if regular late payments are made. All stock remains the property of Fifty One Percent until all invoices are settled in full. In certain circumstances a deposit may be required to reserve special orders or fast moving lines.

Our payment terms for credit accounts are 30 days from date of invoice and late payment charges and interest may be incurred if these terms are not adhered to. Should a buyer have an arranged discount, the seller reserves the right to re-invoice discount if payment is late and no reason given. If a credit account is not used for a period longer than 6 months, the seller may require proforma payment or a credit application form to be re-submitted to continue on a credit basis. When payments are made by BACS, the buyer is responsible for paying any bank charges.

The Seller’s minimum invoice value for delivery in England, Wales and Scotland apart from the Highlands is £100 + vat, a £20 carriage surcharge will be added to all invoices between the value of £100 and £300 + Vat. The carriage paid value is £300 for UK orders. Highland areas & islands require an invoice value of £1000 + vat. This applies to what the seller considers to be normal outlets/shops within the trade. Deliveries to Southern Ireland will be quoted for prior to delivery.

The Buyer must inspect the condition of the goods immediately upon receipt and should report any damages and discrepancies within 48 hours of receipt of the order and photographs of damages must be sent to the Seller. Should the buyer fail to give such notice the condition of the said goods shall be deemed to be in all respects in accordance with the contract. The Buyer must check packaging when an order is delivered and any sign of damage to the pallet or cartons must be signed for as “Damaged packaging” and reported to the Seller. Items relating to the order should be kept in original packaging pending any investigation into discrepancies. Returns cannot be accepted if they are not in their original packaging. . The seller may occasionally alter or slightly change the design of items and this cannot be accepted as a fault. We reserve the right to change specification without prior notice.

The Seller does not accept returns to office premises and all return requests should seek approval prior to goods being returned to our warehouse address. Any returns should be clearly marked and identified with the buyer details. The warehouse will not accept returns without prior approval and notification from the Seller. Returns may only be authorised by the Seller should an error have occurred or under special circumstances and are at the Buyers cost. Should returns arrive without prior authorisation a £25 admin fee will be charged.

If uplift is arranged by the Seller all items to be returned must be packaged and ready for collection by the Buyer when the courier arrives at your business premises. Drivers may refuse to uplift any items that are deemed to be inadequately packaged and a credit will not be raised for any items which have been returned in poor packaging. . Any uplifts arranged by the seller may require the buyer to weigh returns before they are booked for collection. Should this be incorrect and extra charges incurred, these will be invoiced to the buyer. Only one attempt will be made to uplift the items and further attempts will be charged to the Buyer. Should the Buyer return the goods at their own cost, the amount will be refunded by the Seller, however the courier cost will be capped at an amount agreed prior to the goods being returned. Incorrectly delivered items to the customer by the seller must be collected/uplifted by the seller, unless agreed by the Seller.

All returned goods are subjected to a full Quality Control inspection before any decision regarding refund is made. The value of the refund issued to the Buyer is at the Sellers discretion and each case will be considered on its own merit. When the decision to refund has been made a Credit Note will be issued on your Fifty One Percent Ltd trade account.

All orders must be cancelled in writing via email. Orders can only be cancelled prior to dispatch. Once the items have left Fifty One Percent Ltd the full delivery and returns costs will be incurred. The Buyer will be charged £20.00 minimum or 20% for any items returned to stock at the Buyers request. When an order is placed the Buyer is committing to the stock as a firm order.

It is the Sellers policy to comply with the Code of Practice for Traders on price indications issued by the D.T.I Consumer and Competitions Policy Directorate. SRP means Suggested Retail Price. Fifty One Percent Ltd provides minimum suggested selling prices for some of its ranges. The minimum suggested selling prices are intended as guidelines only and at least 3 weeks notice will be given where possible for full brand price increases.

Fifty One Percent Ltd does not allow product to be sold on “multi retailer” shopping cart systems, such as EBay and Amazon, Not on the High Street and Etsy, unless prior consent has been given in writing. All Fifty One Percent Ltd customer account holders must have their contact phone number and full postal address clearly visible on their website. Fifty One Percent Ltd does not permit any Buyer/Retailer to advertise or promote any Fifty One Percent Ltd products on eBay or any other Auction website and reserves the right to dissolve a trading relationship with immediate effect should products be advertised in this way and for goods to be returned at the buyers expense.

Unless, otherwise agreed in writing by the seller, these conditions supersede any earlier conditions