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Our strategy

“The right product, at the right time, at the right price to the right customer”

Right retail partner

Since the launch of the sole trading business in 2009 we had a clear understanding of the type of customers we would aim for. It was important for us to target retail partners that inspired us, that had genuine interest in our business and the brands we offered. We designed a retail roll out strategy that had balance, secured market position and plenty of room for growth. The initial retailers would help promote and explore opportunities with us, we knew how important it was to embrace the independent sector whilst building momentum with the right department stores. The second phase is to explore into specialist stores and chains that also match our reason why. 

Right supply partner

The very first thing we decided before starting our business was that we would look at partnering with suppliers who inspired us, not only with their product but also their attitude. We wanted to find suppliers we could trust and who would listen to us, believe in our strategy and support our vision. In return we would offer a complete transparent relationship providing information on each customer, the overall marketplace and feedback on each collection. The result would be by working together as a team the sales would grow, the collections would expand and the brands would begin to take a healthy market share.

Right reason

Through previous jobs working at another company we have had first hand experience of what can happen if you lose your reason why. By only focusing on maximising sales and margins and not following the original path there is a danger that you can over distribute, flood the market and lose brand appeal.

We have a clear understanding of where we are going which helps us determine the type of retailers we say yes to and the type we say no. We follow this rule with everything including the shows we exhibit at, the type of media we work with and the way we promote the business.

By focuses on the requirements of our existing customers we understand that we have the opportunity to maximise sales at the same time as giving the partner clear advantages to maximise their sales thus developing a healthier and longer lasting relationship.

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