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Meet the team

The who’s who At Fifty One Percent!

   Jen Berridge

Job: Company Director

  • Works with the team to make sure day to day 51% HQ running smoothly.
  • Organise trade shows  and much needed post-show dinners and drinks!
  • Manage day to day company finance, sharpening my Quill. 

Likes: Ice skating, horse riding, shoes & pick n’ mix
Dislikes: Bad grammar, Eggs, sad animal stories (NEVER tell me about the poor animal you saw on the side of the road, what you heard happened to a dog once, a film with a sad ending or anything like that)
Favourite film: It’s a Wonderful Life, Return to Oz.

   Phil Butler 

 Job: Managing Director

  • Oversee general running of the business
  • In charge of happiness
  • Head up sales and marketing of the business
  • Manage supply chain with Lizzie

Likes:Food, travel, music, Ice Hockey, Chelsea Football club

Dislikes:Grumpy, selfish mean people

Favourite Film:Goodwill Hunting, Enter the Dragon

   Philippa Ingham-Mulliner AKA Pip 

Job: Ecommerce Manager

Manager/ Ecommerce Manager processing orders, adding new stock and maintaining the stock levels, banners.

  • Reports
  • Customer Queries
  • Marketing and traffic conversations
  • Website Maintenance
  • Manager of Websites
  • Emails campaigns

Likes: Cocktails, yummy food, horse riding and shopping :)

Dislikes: The cold, spiders and wasps

Favourite film: Shawshank Redemption, Parent Trap, Hunchback of Notre Dame and How to Train Your Dragon! 

   Rachel Weston AKA Rachie

Job: Pip Studio Specialist 
Rachel works 9.30-2.30 Monday-Friday 

  • Processing Orders for Independent Customers
  • Processing Payments
  • Deal with Independent queries, deliveries, etc

Like:                      Tia Maria & Diet Coke, waking up to my children every day, caravanning, sunshine, growing veggies, shopping, losing myself in a great book.

Dislike:                Anything sad to do with children or animals, wind and rain combination, unclean and untidy anything really, being cold and finally, mean people can just do 1!

Favorite TV:         Do not really watch TV but if I do then, Celebrity Juice and all reality programs.(saddo I know!)

    Karen Watson AKA Kazza 

Job: Nordal and Tokyo Design Studio Specialist 

  • Process Not On The High Street orders and answer enquiries
  • Process Nordal orders for trade customers
  • Deal with day to day Nordal enquiries

Likes: Shopping, travelling, crafting, reading, dinner with friends, white wine or G&T

Dislikes: Rude people, liquorice, ginger, £2 coins (I have no idea what that’s about either!!)

Favourite films: The Holiday, Yentl or any chick flicks

    Lizzie Radford

Job: Merchandiser

  • Forecasting and buying stock in – and letting the team know when to expect the stock.
  • Making sure the warehouse is running smoothly
  • Lots of random reports for Phil and Jen

Like:                      Red wine, chocolate, mountains, skiing, spending time with the family

Dislike:                 Slow drivers

    Katie Fox

Job: Sales and Customer Service Expert

Like:                      Crafting (well, at least spending lots of time on Pinterest planning craft projects!), strong ground coffee (definitely not instant!), reading, being in my lazy (aka fat) pants watching films eating pizza
Dislike:                  Seeing people pick their literally turns my stomach
Favourite film:   Hard to say but I love a good action, sci-fi, fantasy film. So long as it doesn’t have too much blood and guts in it then I’ll watch it!

    Madeleine Preston AKA Mads 

Job: Trade Account Manager 

Like:      Swimming, walking through the fields, cycling with my boys Albie and Leo. I also like Aston Villa, but the rest of my household like West Ham (I’m not sure how this happened!) Really like listening to new music which normally gets ripped from a different youtube app as they close them down. Going to France with the family and of course drinking lots of wine!

Dislike:  Really hate driving in the dark when it’s raining!              

Favourite film:   I love all the Star Wars films/Cartoons and Albie has most of the figures and is always asking me to name the character! I also like the film Children of Men darkness meets the future! Really big fan of Game of Thrones and really like Comedy –  Cookoo, The Mighty Boosh (a bit retro now!), Man Down and Friday Night Dinner.

   Kirsty Pollard AKA KP 

Job: Retail Sales and Marketing Executive

Like:      Running, giggling with my 6 year old Sammy, chocolate, prosecco

Dislike: Bad manners, mushrooms, seafood, the weird squeaky whistly noise a bottle makes when its nearly empty?!           

Favourite film:  Steel Magnolias



Mollie, Hugo & Flo – Office Assistants 

  • Security 
  • Official cuddlers 
  • Raiders ogf lunch boxes and bananas skins 
  • Deal with day to day dog enquiries

Likes: Eating, sleeping and lots and lots of cuddles

Dislikes: wasps, loud noises and interupted sleep



Jennie - Create fun and be happy

Phil - be humble

Leigh - fun, fun and more fun

Val - keeping us all fit & healthy

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